Liquitex colours are extra-fine acrylics. They were the first acrylic colours marketed in the United States in 1955. They are characterized by a very high level of pigmentation and by their very transparent binder. The picture film is very flexible once dried. The range include 88 shades in two different consistencies which has identical chemical characteristics:

Liquitex has the following ranges:
- Basic Acrylic Colour
- High Viscosity Acrylic Artist Colour
- Mediums & Varnishes

Basic Acrylic colour

Satin finish across range
Retains brush strokes
Great coverage
Indoor or outdoor use
36 colour spectrum
Very affordable price, suitable for students and artists wishing to use large amounts of colour
Consistency is slightly more fluid

High Viscosity Acrylic Artist Colour

High pigment load, intense colour
96 colour spectrum, heavy bodied paints
Exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency
Oil like performance, retains brush strokes
Little to no noticeable wet-to-dry colour shift
Great for thick or impasto applications

Mediums & Varnishes

Transparent medium
Gel medium
Opaque medium
Modelling paste
Retarding medium
Glossy varnish
Matte varnish


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